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Welcome to The Wand Shop

We Make Dreams Come True!

Have you always dreamed of owning a wand, a real Wizard Wand? Here at The Wand Shop, you can make your dream come true. We offer the finest in handcrafted Wizard Wands plus a complete line of wizard supplies including robes, quills, ink, and more!

The Wand Shop is the only online supplier of Wizard Wands approved by the International Society of Wandmakers. This means your wand is made to the same exact standards as those of "real" Wizards. At The Wand Shop we believe every Wizard and Human should have a wand uniquely crafted just for them. We feature "Build-A-Wizard Wand" where YOU decide on your wand wood, insert, style, and length. Our options can be combined into over 900,000 different wands including the wand that is perfect for you!

To get started, please read The Creation of a Fine Wand and Wand Woods. If you want the Wandmaker to choose a wand for you, look for our Sorting Wand, coming soon! Once you are ready, click on the Build-A-Wand links to create your own, unique Wizard Wand.

If you want to read more about Wands, wand woods, and the history of Wands and Wandmaking, please buy a copy of Wandlore - Principles of Wizardry Volume One from our bookstore. Wandlore is a complete guide to Wands for Wizards and Humans.

If you want to live out your Wizard fantasy, join the League of Wizards by clicking on the link in the Activities menu.

Thank you for choosing The Wand Shop for all of your Wizard needs.


NOTE: We are still upgrading the site. We will be adding pictures, links, and pages. We just loved our new look so much, we wanted to get it online as soon as we could.

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