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The Wand Shop offers twenty-three different Basic Wand Woods and ten different Exotic Wand Woods for handles and wands. You can choose the same wood for wand and handle or choose different woods to create your perfect wand. (While the combination is up to you, you may want to refer to the wood charts in the book Wandlore for good combinations and bad combinations.) To see pictures of the wand woods, CLICK HERE.

If you choose an Exotic Wood for either your wand or handle (or both), you MUST order a Build-An-Exotic-Wood Wand to cover the additional cost of the wood and the additional time it takes to make these wands.

EXOTIC WOODS  *Information on wood powers from Wandlore - buy a copy here

To purchase an Exotic Wood Wand, click here.

Ebony - One of the most powerful woods. Ebony is black with some slight grain. Bloodwood - Adds brilliance to your wand.  Bloodwood is a red tropical wood. Zebrawood - Strong protective powers.  Zebrawood is tan with streaks of darker brown.
Purpleheart - Good healing properties. Purpleheart is a purple-brown wood. Pink Ivory - Strong with spells. Pink ivory is a moderate grained pink wood. Available for WANDS ONLY! Yew - Yew is the Wood of Death. It is a heavy grained dark wood.
Lacewood - Adds crispness to your wand. Lacewood is a light brown wood with a lace-like pattern Tulipwood - A truly unique wood, warm ivory with pink grain is excellent for spells. This compiments pink ivory. Available for HANDLE ONLY! Olive - A warm wood, with a strong grain. Adds potency to your wand. Available for HANDLE ONLY!

BASIC WOODS *Information on wood powers from Wandlore - buy a copy here

CEDAR -good for defensive spells CHERRY - adds radiance to your wand
CYPRESS - a powerful wand wood HORNBEAM - good for defensive spells
MAHOGANY -adds stability to your wand MAPLE -adds resilience to your wand
PINE - a strong wand wood REDWOOD - strong, tough wood
ROSEWOOD - adds radiance to your wand WALNUT - adds strength to your wand

Or you can choose any of the woods in the table below. This is the Celtic Wand Wood guide that JK Rowling used  for many of the wand choices in her books. Just find your birthday and look for the corresponding wood:

If your Birthday is: Then your wand is: Your wand is good for:
January 21-February 17 Rowan General All Purpose
February 18 - March 17 Ash Good for defensive spells
March 18 - April 14 Alder Good for spells
April 15 - May 12 Willow Strong Healing Properties
May 13 - June 9 Hawthorn Sharpens your wand
June 10 - July 7 Oak Strength
July 8 - August 4 Holly Defensive Spells
August 5 - September 1 Hazel Spells - General All Purpose
September 2 - September 29 Vine Adds radiance to your wand
September 30 - October 27 Ivy Good for Spells
October 28 - November 24 Reed Adds Quickness to your wand
November 25 - December 23 Elder Powerful Wand Wood
December 24- January 20 Birch Adds resilience to your wand
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